10 Romantic Cities in the United States

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1. Charleston, South Carolina.

What can be more romantic than spending a weekend in a city where “A Notebook” movie (2004) was shot? Charleston, South Carolina is a picturesque city that has a unique historic center and it serves as a perfect background for the sweetest love stories. All couples regardless of their age will definitely like the sensational garden which is called Boone Hall Plantation that creates a real feeling of a fairy tale.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana.

A city that combines a romantic atmosphere with engaging activities for couples of all ages, New Orleans, Louisiana is home to jazz festivals and authentic celebrations. While the visitors who prefer a more relaxed holiday can take a cruise on the Mississippi river and have a romantic dinner, other couples who like to spend their time in a more dynamic and funny way, will enjoy burlesque shows and art markets of New Orleans.

3. San Francisco, California.

San Francisco, California is a place that is rich in romantic vibes. Apart from its fascinating nature and the famous bridge that offers exceptional views of the ocean and the city, San Francisco is also known for its sweets and desserts that are available in its numerous patisseries, and couples of all ages can enjoy these little delights.

4. Aspen, Colorado.

A perfect option for a truly romantic getaway is Aspen, Colorado. The couples who are willing to spend their time actively, can take a hiking tour and get fascinated with the mountains. Those who want to stay more relaxed, can enjoy a weekend in a 5-star hotel and visit spa. Yet, regardless of the activity preferences of the couples, everyone will truly enjoy a hot balloon ride.

5. Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah, Georgia is definitely one of the coziest cities that preserved classic architecture and historic sites. The visitors will be mesmerized by the beautiful trees that are all covered with moss. The place is exceptionally photogenic, and it is a perfect location for a photoshoot since all couples enjoy a love story genre.

6. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee is a good romantic spot for those couples who enjoy music and art. Since this city is home to country music, its fans will be happy to visit one of the numerous concerts that are organized in Nashville. Those who prefer classical music will love a date night at the Nashville Symphony.

7. West Palm Beach, Florida.

West Palm Beach, Florida is definitely a perfect option for those who prefer spending time at the resorts. While some couples would like to visit its outlets and do some shopping, others would be delighted to explore the exhibitions of Norton Museum of Art.

8. Providence, Rhode Island.

Those couples who like to roam in the city that has an outstanding architecture and interesting museums, will enjoy a weekend in Providence, Rhode Island. The city offers a lot of great restaurants that can be a perfect option for a romantic dinner. The couples who prefer natural spots can take a stroll by the river.

9. Santa Barbara, California.

Another city that creates a unique resort-like atmosphere is Santa Barbara, California. It is surrounded by the mountains that make the visitors relax and unwind. The location by the ocean makes Santa Barbara a perfect place for the couples who like to feel as if they traveled to the French Riviera. There are a lot of options that range from wine tours to mountain trails. It is a perfect place for a honeymoon.

10. New York, New York.

It is hard to deny that New York is one of the most progressive cities in the US. Yet, apart from being a real Mecca of career, it has a lot of romantic spots and activities to offer. The best option is to visit New York in April or October to enjoy the changing colors of nature in Central Park. All couple will be delighted to observe New York from 86th floor of Empire State Building.

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