Best Places to Visit in Greece For Couples

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Greece is one of the most favorite destinations that are cherished by travelers from all over the world. This country is loved by many due to its ancient history, magnificent nature, turquoise water, and fruit trees that can be found both on the mainland and the numerous islands.

Every year, Greece accepts millions of tourists who are mesmerized by its cities that feature a lot of historical sites and the beaches that span all around the country, enticing the guests with warm sea and marine life. Be sure to check out the list of the best places to visit in Greece not to cross out accidentally one of the most picturesque spots from your must-visit list:

1. Santorini.

Best Places to Visit in Greece

It is close to impossible to imagine Greece without Santorini, which is its real pearl. It seems like this island will always be on the top of all travel lists and visitors’ ratings, and it is clear why. Santorini is a beautiful Greek island that is located in the Aegean Sea. This relatively small piece of land offers the guests the most picturesque landscapes, unique sights, and romantic sunsets.One of the most interesting facts about Santorini is that the island has a volcanic origin.

After a huge eruption, the volcanic caldera and a vast central lagoon were formed. Today, it is still possible to see the remnants of the volcano which are perfectly observable from the cliffs of Santorini. The real highlight of the island is its architecture. The whole Santorini is covered with the cartoon-like white houses, while the streets and the cathedrals are decorated in blue color. To get the most of your experience, you can opt for a donkey ride to feel the true atmosphere of this island. If you want to experience the real serenity and bliss, don’t miss Santorini!

2. Meteora

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Meteora is one of the most important religious destinations in Greece. Yet, it is not necessary to be an ardent believer to plan a trip to this place. Meteora is an impressive complex of monasteries that are built on high pillars of sandstone. Literally located in the middle of the sky, Meteora will bring wonderful lifetime memories for its visitors. The journey to this destination can make the guests witness a real fusion of history and nature. Meteora is described by its visitors as one of the most mystical, impressive, and magical places that can be found in Greece. This unusual and inspiring spot evokes the eternal desire of all human to touch the divinity. The cliffs of Meteora can be a perfect location for meditation and experiencing harmony, which is so hard to found in the bustling modern world.

3. Melissani Cave.

Best Places to Visit in Greece

If you are looking for a place which will strike you with its natural beauty, opt for Melissani Cave. This spot is located on the island of Kefalonia, so you should not miss it when you happen to explore it. The cave is surrounded by forests and a beautiful lake of azure color that is indeed hypnotizing. The water is completely transparent, creating the illusion that boats float in the air. Melissani Cave was formed by a unique chemical and mechanical process of the gradual disintegration of rocks, which led to the creation of natural holes. Melissani Cave is a place that was hailed by Greek mythology, being considered the cave of the Nymphs. Today, it is a must-see landmark in Greece that will charm everyone, even the most demanding tourists.

4. Plaka.

Best Places to Visit in Greece

When you come to Athens, forget the Acropolis, which is one of the most mainstream historical sites of Greece. Instead, you can take a walk around one of the most fascinating neighborhoods in the city. Plaka is known as the district of gods because it is located close to Acropolis. The area is rich in neoclassical architecture, offering its visitors a lot of archaeological sites, numerous museums, and fascinating streets that form a real labyrinth. Exploring Plaka is fun because you never know what is waiting for you around the corner. An absolutely lovely house that is decorated with flowers? A cafΓ© that is full of cats? A vintage shop where you can buy some real Greek antiquities? You never know. Just better visit Plaka by yourself and explore this area, feeling like a local.

5. Mykonos

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Considered a fashionable bohemian resort, Mykonos has so much more to offer. Even though you are a real fan of nightlife and you enjoy entertainment, visiting parties, and concerts round-the-clock, you will probably want to skip these options when you arrive there, Located in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos has the best beaches in Greece. You will enjoy its crystal water and white sand. Take a quad bike to make sure that you find the most secluded beaches that can be completely yours, especially if you do not travel during the summer season.Mykonos is a perfect location for a quiet beach holiday, yachting, and meeting the pink sunrise by its famous windmills.

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