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No one is immune to the economic problem of scarcity of resources. This is why we are forced to make choices because our needs and desires far surpass our limited resources. It is not uncommon to hear from people that they want to travel but they do not have the resources.

It might be true but just because a problem exists does not mean there is no solution. We are the smartest of all species and one of our specialties is to find creative solutions to problems. Quite often, it is possible to travel if one shifts his/her priorities from purchase of goods to purchase of experiences.

There are somethings we cannot live without because they are basic necessities of life. However, if we take a careful look at our spending, we will discover that we also spend significant resources on goods that are merely wants. We do not really need them but we desire them and believe they make us happy. The problem is that the satisfaction from purchases of many goods is often short-lived. We do not realize it but we often enjoy the process of shopping more than the consumption or use of goods. This is how we end up accumulating lot of items over the years that we barely use. In contrast, experiences like traveling are not only more enjoyable but the benefits we derive from them also have much longer shelf lives.

When we buy experiences like travel instead of goods, we do not only enjoy the process of planning and purchasing our tickets but also the actual process of consuming the experience. Moreover, accumulating experiences does not take any valuable space in our homes, only in our memories. The adrenaline rush from purchase of experiences like travel also lasts much longer than from purchase of goods. Long after our experiences such as travels are over, we continue to reflect upon them and apply the knowledge and wisdom in other aspects of our lives.

When we have limited resources, the need to become creative becomes only more important. We should spend our limited resources on experiences like travel instead of goods we may barely use. Goods may give us temporary adrenaline rush while experiences like travel give us lifetime of memories and wisdom.

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