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Travel in off-season, not peak season

Adventure Travel Blog

Travel guides and blogs frequently mention the best time to visit a particular place. These time recommendations often coincide with the peak tourist seasons for these places. Sometimes it pays to go against the conventional wisdom, and in this case that would be to visit a particular place in off-season rather than peak season.

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The case for solo travel

The Case for Solo Travel

We are social animals. Many activities we enjoy such as sports, parties, and movies tend to involve other people. Sometimes these activities are merely an excuse to get together with other people whose company we enjoy.

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A solo Travelerโ€™s Guide to Bangkok

Bangkok Travel Guide

The article guides a tourist who plans to visit Bangkok on his or her own. Although traveling alone might be intimidating, the author offers a solution to this problem, because it can be one of the, most rewarding experiences that one will ever have. This is because the people in Bangkok are amiable. First, the author’s advice is that while traveling alone, it is essential to stay close to public transportation because it is cheap to get around the city using public transport.

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