Items to Have on a Long Flight

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It is hard to deny that almost all passengers dread long flights since they are usually associated with inconvenience and lack of space. While the destination may be worth it, a long flight can be boring, cramped, and frustrating for many.

There are, however, several ways how to make a long flight more bearable and even enjoyable. Here are a few items that you can take along to have a long flight without exceptional stress:

1. Earplugs and a sleeping

You never know who your neighbor is going to be. The β€œluckiest” passengers can sit next to people who cough or mothers who fly with their crying babies. To protect yourself from external noise and spend your flight in a much more relaxed mode, earplugs are a real must. A sleeping mask is a perfect option for switching off from the reality where the lights are switched on and off every thirty minutes.

3. A blanket.

Regardless of a time of a year, it can be very freezing in the plane. While some companies do not offer blankets, others have a limited stock of these items onboard. To make sure that you will enjoy your flight in warmth and coziness, take a small blanket. It is a good option of feeling more comfortable and even getting a good sleep.

4. A tablet or an e-book.

Long flights usually bring long hours of doing nothing. If you cannot fall asleep and you do not have an interesting person to talk to by your side, you should bring some electronic device that can give you pleasurable entertainment. Watch a movie, listen to a podcast, or read a book you have never had time to read.

5. A special pillow.

We all know how uncomfortable the seats can be. Sometimes, the only option to survive the long hours of flying is to fall asleep. The passengers who bring a special travel pillow definitely appreciate its benefits. This wonderful accessory allows you to relax and sleep like a child even in Spartan conditions like an 8-hour flight in economy class.

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