The case for solo travel

The Case for Solo Travel

We are social animals. Many activities we enjoy such as sports, parties, and movies tend to involve other people. Sometimes these activities are merely an excuse to get together with other people whose company we enjoy.

Travel is also such an activity because good company makes travel more fun. One travel trend that has been growing in popularity is solo travel. Some may assume solo travel is only for the introverts or the most adventurous kind but nothing could be further from the truth. Solo travel is for everyone whether he/she wants to embrace a new kind of travel experience or one is looking for more economical travel options.

Solo travel is cheaper and not always for the most obvious reasons. Cost savings also come from the flexibility afforded to a solo traveler that may not be possible when traveling with others. A solo travel can save on lodging if he/she does not mind economical options with limited space. A solo travel does not have to worry about the travel and accomodation needs of fellow travelers so he/she can get quite creative in order to minimize expenses. He/she is also more likely to use cheaper mass public transit systems as opposed to more expensive taxis and ride-sharing services.

Solo travel leaves more room for spontaneity. One can make plans on a whim. When we travel with others, the decisions have to be made in a democratic fashion. In other words, we have to take into account the tastes and preferences of other people in our travel group. In contrast, a solo traveler has a free hand to cater to his own wishes and desires. A solor traveler may end up enjoying the trip more as he/she will only engage in activities and/or visit places that bring him/her maximum satisfaction. In some ways, a solo traveler is like a single person who is free to do as he/she pleases during the trip while a group traveler is like a committed/married person that has to take the wishes and desires of his/her companion/s.

Solo traveling may create more opportunities for new friendships and may even lead one to a soul mate. Just because one is traveling solo does not mean he/she has no social needs. The absence of a travel partner or group increases the incentive to strike conversations with random strangers. Similarly, random strangers may feel more emboldened in approach a solo traveler for conversation than they may in approaching a travel group. In some cases, solo travelers have found their life partners during international trips as many social media stories affirm.

Many people enjoy travel because it satisfies their longing for adventure, and it is hard to beat the opportunities for adventure created by solo traveling. Solo travel is cheaper than group travel yet affords more flexibility as well as room for adventure and new social relationships.    

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