The Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Cruise Line has become one of the most popular cruise lines in the world with the third largest market share of all international cruise lines.

The Norwegian Cruise Line is known in the industry asan innovator in cruise line travel. The line has a 53-year history of offering unique and often affordable packages for travelers. With so many travel options, including cruise lines and grand world tours, it can be difficult for travelers to choose the perfect vacation.

One of the advantages of the Norwegian Cruise Line is the ability of travelers to create their own custom packages that include various combinations of offerings. While the traveler cannot dictate the path of the cruise ship, the traveler can have a multitude of options for each destination on the cruise. The cruise line offers travelers the opportunities to travel by sea to many parts of Europe, Alaska, Bermuda, and Hawaii. However, the primary destinations for the Norwegian Cruise Line are the Caribbean Islands. 

The Norwegian Cruise Line is also notable for the diversity of travelers who utilize the cruise lineโ€™s services. All cruises offer a combination of offerings that range from informal experiences to highly formal experiences, depending on the preferences of the travelers. Norwegian Cruise Line guests have access to resort-style amenities and the latest and most contemporary cruise ships which offer numerous accommodations options. One of the latest offerings is The Haven by Norwegian. This offering features a luxury enclave with suites,private entertainment, private pool access and dining options, a premium concierge service and the use of personal butlers. For the guests seeking more informal experiences, the cruise line offers dinner parties with no dress codes and informal events that occur across the cruise ships. The cruise line now also offers sporty packages in which the adventurers can travel to exotic locations and engage in a number of physical activities.

The Norwegian Cruise Line may be one of the few global travel options for large groups that can accommodate everyoneโ€™s needs. While most cruise lines offer a variety of activities, meal options, and add-ons, the highly customizable nature of the Norwegian Cruise Line makes it a desirable option for businesses and large families. Children activities are common on such cruise lines. While most of the cruises offered by the Norwegian Cruise Line offer multiple daily activities for kids, a few are tailored specifically for families and offer a wide-range of kid-friendly activities. Nevertheless, the majority of passengers on the cruise ships are adults. The kid-friendly nature of the Norwegian Cruise Line does not impede on the cruise lineโ€™s target audience: adults looking to get away and have an enjoyable vacation. As an affordable option that is highly customizable to meet the specifications of virtually any vacation, the Norwegian Cruise Line may be the best option for many travelers.

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