Mexico Travel Advisory

Mexico Travel Advisory

There are currently strong travel advisories to a number of states in Mexico. Mexico is a large country by area. Many parts of Mexico are considered safe, while others are highly dangerous. Unfortunately, many of the most dangerous areas within Mexico are close to the U.S. border, making travel into Mexico unsafe along certain routes.

Travelers to Mexico should be aware of the most dangerous parts of the country and avoid these areas when possible. Travelling through Mexico by car can be risky in general because of the threat of corrupt local policy officials. If air travel is not an option, travelling during the day is highly recommended. Here, we will let you know about the areas of Mexico to be avoided. 

Mexico Travel Advisory

          The Colima State in Mexico has a do not travel advisory due to very high rates of crime currently experienced in the state. Colima is a small state on the Pacific Coast. While it is not generally on the path of most travelers to Mexico, there are a few landmarks and resorts in the state. When traveling to or through Colima, it is recommended to stay within the developed areas of the state, especially the resort areas. In general, it is best to avoid Colima entirely.

          Guerrero also has a do not travel advisory because of very high crime rates. Guerrero is a large state in Southern Mexico and is also on the Pacific coast, making it ideal for the location of several resorts. The resorts in the state are located in very high population density areas which promotes crime. High poverty levels in the state exacerbate the problem. Travelers are urged not to leave resort areas when staying in Guerrero. Travelling at night is highly, highly discouraged.

          Michoacan has a do not travel advisory because of increasing threats of crime.Michoacan is a state close to Guerrero, but does not have resorts. The state is known by travelers for its historical sites, especially historical churches. The state is somewhat popular for mission trips, given that rural parts remain undeveloped. However, it is strongly recommended that no American travel to the state of Michoacan because of its increasingly high crime.

          The state of Tamaulipas has a do not travel advisory because of a very high threat of kidnapping in the state. Tamaulipas is on the border of Texas. It has a long land mass extended across much of the border of the southern tip of Texas. As such, it is common for travelers to go through the state. It is not recommended that they do so, but travelers who do should only do so during the day. Tamaulipas may be the most dangerous state that travelers frequently drive through because of its very high threat of being kidnapped. Travelers should exert extreme caution when driving through the state.

          The state of Sinaloa has a do not travel advisory because of a high risk of being the victim of crime in the state. Sinaloa covers a strip of areas along the Pacific coast. Once a relatively popular tourist destination, the state has had experienced strong urbanization, high poverty, and been the victim of many natural disasters. Unemployment is high in the state, which has driven up crime 

          The state of Chihuahua has a reconsider threat level. Travelers should reconsider travelling to Chihuahua whenever possible. Chihuahua Mexico shares a long land border with the U.S. and is a very popular destination for Americans. Chihuahua poses significant crime risks, especially high-density urban areas and rural areas in which police involvement is minimal.

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