What to pack for Thailand female

What to pack for Thailand female

What to pack for Thailand female , I assume you have got bump into this Asian country packing list as a result of your feminine and looking out for data on what to require to Thailand!

What I will be able to offer you may be a sensible packing list of things you would like to pack for Asian country as a feminine regardless of however long you’re there for or your variety of travel.

What to pack for Thailand female

Female Packing List for Thailand


  • Tops: a minimum of one T-shirt as this can are available use once visiting Temples, particularly once knowing what to wear in Bangkok to check the Grand Palace. Strappy A-one, Tank A-one and Crop A-one area unit helpful as a result of their little and sensible for the wet weather throughout the day and within the evening.
  • Dresses / Playsuits: Day Dresses and Playsuits for the beach area unit a good plan and straightforward to throw on over swimwear. Evening dresses are worn a great deal too once you withdraw for dinner and drinks in an Asian country.
  • Shorts: a minimum of one combine of denim shorts may be a nice plan, they’re going with all A-one, are often worn throughout the day and within the evening. Light-weight shorts are sensible to wear throughout the day or dress up within the evening.
  • Trousers: don’t bring jeans, you may not like them! Disheveled trousers area unit the simplest sort here. Ideally 3/4 length trousers. Trousers area unit required once going into Temples however with the exception of this you almost certainly won’t wear them within the day, simply within the evening maybe. 
  • Active Wear: If you intend to travel on serious hikes or hiking etc. pack consequently, but if you’re thinking that you’ll do the odd walk or hike or activity pack a light-weight sweat-resistant prime or tee shirt, sports shorts, and a few leggings if you would like however it’ll in all probability be too hot for leggings.Jumper: Asian country doesn’t get cold however if you’re on AN AC bus or perhaps attending to the Cinema (they’re freezing), you’ll be glad for an additional layer.


  • Flip Flips: Or Thongs, or Jandals, no matter your decision them in your Country! These shoe area unit what you may board day to day in an Asian country. I like to recommend Havaianas as a result of they’re a high quality complete, you’ll be able to purchase faux ones in Asian country however the $64000 one’s area unit higher
  • Sandals: a pleasant combine of sandals for the evening may be a sensible plan if you’re on vacation in an Asian country. On behalf of me as a hiker with a restricted area, I don’t take these. Keep in mind that you simply solely would like one additional combine. Don’t take heeled shoes, not even once you’re thinking of what to wear in Phuket on an evening out as an example as a result of no tourists wear heels. It flats the entire manner. Additionally, think about that within the evening you’ll be walking on the beach a great deal therefore even within the evening basic flip flips area unit best instead of fancy sandals!


  • Hat: whether or not you pack a basic cap or a trendy leghorn, does pack a hat to assist keep the sun off your head as a result of its strong!
  • Sunglasses: an honest quality combine of spectacles are required. Faux Ray-Bans etc. are often bought in Asian country however they’re not sensible for your eyes!



  • Shampoo & Conditioner Bars: If you’re tight on the area and or wish to assist cut back your plastic, shampoo and conditioner bars rather than bottles area unit a good switch to form.
  • Bug Spray: this is often Asian country travel essential as a result of their area unit mosquitoes everywhere- on the beaches, within the jungle, and within the cities. 
  • Sun Cream: Sun Cream is another issue you would like to place confidence in once packing for an Asian country. Sun Cream is often purchased everywhere Asian country however it’s overpriced, regarding £10-£15.00 a bottle. I’d extremely suggest you purchase sun cream reception and convey enough with you rather than shopping for it in an Asian country to avoid wasting your cash.

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